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Deep Cleaning


A chronic disease affecting the teeth and its supporting structures–There are varying levels of disease: Gingivitis; Slight, Moderate, and Severe Periodontitis


Bacteria underneath the gumline that is not removed for a period of time Plaque hardens to calculus that sticks to the roots of our teeth


    • X-rays
    • Complete perio charting (measuring the gums)
    • Exam by a dentist

Outcome with no Treatment

    • Bone loss around teeth
    • Mobility and Tooth loss (because of the lack of bone around teeth)
    • Bleeding gums
    • Bad breath
    • Negative impact on systemic diseases such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes

Oral Systemic Connection:

The blood that supports our teeth is the same blood that flows through our heart and is pumped to all of the other areas of our body. Periodontal disease involves harmful bacteria that enters our bloodstream and is spread to every other area. This bacteria has a significant impact on diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease; it can inhibit improvement for these systemic diseases. Periodontal treatment is an effective method of removing this bacteria from the bloodstream.


Our Perio Package: Comprehensive Periodontal Care Treatment – Scaling Root Planning (SRP)

Thorough deep cleaning of the teeth to areas that cannot be accessed with a toothbrush or floss
A dental hygienist removes the calculus attached to the teeth (which is causing bone loss)
Usually two, one hour appointments
Use of a local anesthetic for patient comfort
Follow-up x-ray

At Home Aids:

    • Chlorhexidine mouthrinse
    • Fluoride toothpaste
    • Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush (for purchase)
    • Routine daily flossing

Outcome After SRPs

    • Improvement in bleeding
    • Improvement in probing depths on the perio chart
    • 3 month cleaning recall necessary after treatment to prevent any further damage

-These cleaning recalls are meant to maintain the current state of periodontal disease/prevent the disease from causing any further damage

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