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Information for the Patient – Dentist in Natick

It is unfortunate, but for most people the dental office is the last place in the world they would choose to spend time. Nearly all patients share some level of fear of the dentist and dental treatment. There are some patients who are downright petrified of the dentist.
Many patients put off dental treatment for years due to this fear. Some patients choose to experience toothache and the pain of infection rather than overcome their fear with a trip to the dentist.
94% of patients who experience great fear of the dentist have had bad experiences with a previous dentist, usually as a child.
The doctors of Elite Dental of Natick have experience treating patients with dental phobia. Our dentists have treated every kind of phobic patient ranging from cases of mild nervousness to patients with phobias so severe that other dentists have refused to treat them. We have several methods of performing dentistry on phobic patients.

  • After spending time in our dental chair, you may feel remarkably more relaxed and willing to undergo treatment by simply speaking with our one-of-a-kind doctors
  • If you still feel anxious about undergoing dental treatment, your doctor may dispense to you or prescribe to you an anti-anxiety medication to help you relax. Many anxious patients find that a mild sedative is all that is necessary to take their mind off of their dental fear.

I am the typical patient that really has a problem with dentists. However, the first time I walked into the office I was greeted and treated as if I was going to a party and I was the guest of honor. Everyone from the receptionist to the dental tech to the doctor himself made my visit feel like anything but a visit to the dentist.

Renato DaSilva

Dentist in Natick MA – Elite Dental of Natick