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Night Guards

Get you Night Guards in Natick, MA

Night Guards SampleWe, at Elite Dental of Natick are pleased to announce that we will be offering a special discounted price for lab-processed pressure formed customized night guards. Considering the fact that patients have to pay out of pocket for night guards we are offering this service at reduced fee for all out patients who need them. We believe helping out patients who really need this service is going to improve the overall quality of dental care and better patient satisfaction.

Night Guards are recommended for patients who grind, clench their teeth and have para-functional habit like bruxism. Over-activation of the masticatory muscles lead to grinding/clenching of the teeth especially at nighttime during sleep. This can lead to severe breakage of the teeth, fillings falling out and sensitivity in the teeth and jaws

Some of the symptoms for the patients who have this kind of para-functional habit is

  • Soreness in the area of jaw muscles
  • Difficulty in opening the jaw
  • Sensitivity in all the teeth and shifting pain across all the teeth.

If you have one or more of these, above symptoms please call the office to schedule a free diagnostic examination with Dr Datar. The use of night-guards lead to relief of these symptoms within weeks leading to reduction in jaw pain and even reducing sleep apnea.

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