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Hybridge Implants

What is Hybridge?

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The use of dental implants have provided our patients with a new and vastly improved way to replace missing teeth. With dental implants, we can restore missing teeth by rebuilding the root and making a direct connection with the jawbone. This provides the patient with an independent, stable full restoration. With Hybridge, we utilize a proven system to provide patients with a high-quality full mouth restoration, completed in less time and cost due to the efficiencies created by using advanced, state-of the art dental implant technology.

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants, or tooth implants, are a post that we can surgically embed into your jawbone. The implant serves as a new tooth root to a tooth that has been lost. This reestablishes the connection between the jawbone and tooth. Restoring teeth with the use of implants is the closest step to mimicking your own natural teeth. It will provide the stimulation your bone needs to be healthy, and provide the patient with a tooth that functions the same way natural teeth do. Your new prosthetic will stay where it belongs without rocking or coming loose.

Eliminate having to wear anything that is removable

Removable dental prosthetics, or ill-fitting dentures can come with a wide range of frustrations and frequent return dental visits for adjustments. The Hybridge system is a denture-alternative that eliminates these frustrations. We are able to create a fixed, permanent solution to your oral health, providing you with a stable and healthy restoration, supported on dental implants. Hybridge patients enjoy the foods they love, and quality of life they deserve.

The Hybridge implant system includes:
•  Multiple Implants for Stability: Depending on the work being done, the Hybridge system is set in place with five dental implants on the lower jaw, or six dental implants on the upper jaw. The implant will provide the stability your restoration needs to stay firmly in place. Once the bone is healed, you can resume your regular diet and chew the foods you love.
•  Permanent Placement that is Removable Only when Needed: Patients enjoy that their Hybridge restoration does not cover the palate and does need to be removed nightly. The Hybridge system is considered non-removable, but it can be easily removed by a member of our team if necessary. The Hybridge system utilizes small screws that go through your restoration into the implants, and these screws can be removed by our Hybridge specialty team. If ever in need of repair or replacement, the advanced technology and materials in place makes this an simplified process for you, the patient. Other permanent implant-retained dentures may not offer this same ability.
•  No Pressure Spots: Your Hybridge restoration will provide you the natural feeling teeth you want, without the pressure spots or ulceration spots that so many experience with other dentures. Since your restoration does not sit on the gumline, it will remain firmly in place. It will not rock, move or wiggle. Your gum tissue will not be damaged from regular chewing with this implant-supported system.

The loss of teeth can be devastating. We can help you have teeth that look and feel like your natural teeth in less time and with less expense than other implant retained restorations. We invite you to learn more about the Hybridge Implant system.

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