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What Are the Benefits of Root Canals?
Natick, MA

The term "root canal" often refers to two things: the natural cavity within the tooth that houses the nerve, and the dental procedure designed to save a decayed or infected tooth. While the prospect might seem concerning, root canal therapy can save an affected tooth and is a standard procedure in restorative dentistry. Your dentist clears the infection, fills the hollow chamber, and seals the tooth to prevent further harm.

Why Could You Need a Root Canal?

Deep tooth decay, large fillings, cracked or chipped teeth, or trauma to your face could lead to an inflamed or infected pulp within your tooth causing need for a root canal. Damage to your tooth pulp can cause severe toothache, prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold, discoloration of the tooth, swollen or tender gums and, in extreme cases, a recurring pimple on your gums. Root canal therapy promptly addresses these issues, allowing you to keep your natural tooth and smile with confidence.

What Happens in a Root Canal?

A root canal, despite its somewhat intimidating reputation, is a straightforward procedure performed by experienced practitioners in the field of restorative dentistry. The main goal of the procedure is the removal of infected or damaged pulp in the tooth, thus alleviating pain and treating any infection. 

Photo of a smiling older woman with dental work from Elite Dental of Natick in Natick, MAA local anesthetic will first be applied to numb your affected tooth and the surrounding tissue, ensuring a pain-free experience. Once the area is numb, the dentist will drill a small hole in the tooth to give access to the infected pulp. This is done with precision and care to avoid any structural damage to the tooth. With access achieved, the dentist will use specialized instruments to remove the infected or dead pulp from the tooth. This process also involves cleaning and disinfecting the insides of the tooth. After cleaning, the dentist will fill the tooth's cavity using a bio-compatible material known as gutta-percha. The access hole is then sealed with a temporary filling to avoid any contamination. Lastly, once the infection is successfully treated, the temporary filling is replaced with a permanent one or a crown, restoring full functionality to the tooth.

What are the Benefits of a Root Canal?

Root canal therapy, provides several advantages that can come as a relief, especially if you've been struggling with persistent tooth pain. 

Bid Farewell to Pain


One of the immediate perks of undergoing root canal therapy is the relief from the constant, nagging pain often associated with severe tooth decay. Not only can this bring immediate comfort, but it can also vastly improve your quality of life in the long run. 

Prevention of Tooth Loss


No one wants a missing tooth, and root canal therapy can save your tooth from that fate. By cleaning the infected pulp and sealing the tooth again, the dentist can preserve your tooth's structure, skipping the need for tooth extraction and ankward gaps in your smile. 

Keep Infections at Bay


Root canal therapy is also an effective measure to stop the spread of infection in your mouth. If left untreated, the bacteria causing the infection in one tooth can easily spread to neighboring teeth or even enter the bloodstream causing systemic infections. Hence, a root canal is a protective step for your overall health. 

Maintaining Your Natural Smile


Above all, saving your natural tooth allows you to maintain your smile and keep on enjoying your favorite foods. While dentures and implants can replicate the look and function of natural teeth, nothing truly beats the original. 

Root canal therapy doesn't just relieve pain and help maintain your natural smile, it also poses a defensive measure against further infections. Indeed, root canal therapy is a safe and effective method of restorative dentistry that offers a host of benefits that do a world of good for your dental and overall health.

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